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Match Sponsor site visits

A number of our sponsored matches have enjoyed visits to their sponsor's work sites over the last couple of months. Read more below about the Napier Port, Tomoana Warehousing, S Thompson Log Cartage LtdBeany visits and the fun our mentees had.

Napier Port Sponsor site visit

Hayley and Patricia (Mentor Coordinators), Aaron (mentor) and Ollie and Boston (mentees) were hosted on site at the Napier Port. They were given a special tour of the Penguin Sanctuary and Ollie and Boston got to name two recent additions to the colony, passing on their own names to the newbies. Another highlight for the little and big boys was sitting in the Crane Simulator, which is used to teach prospective crane drivers.

Tomoana Warehousing Sponsor site visit

Gary (mentor) and Eric (mentee) met with Bernard, Krystle and Binny at Tomoana Warehousing. Eric was overjoyed to have a ride in one of the huge freight trucks. He drove off from the cheering group with Binny (driver) giving a very loud hoot on the horn, and Eric didn’t stop smiling the entire ride. Krystle has invited Eric back again in a few months for another ride in a truck, and weather permitting he will be able to watch some of the on-site equipment operating.

​S Thompson Log Cartage site visit & Beany sponsor meeting

Troy (mentor) and Dom (mentee) have two sponsors – their match sponsorship is shared by S Thompson Log Cartage and Beany. Fern from S Thompson Log Cartage Ltd Cartage met Troy and Dom on site for a tour of the workshops. Dom had a ride in one of the very large trucks with Brendan (an S Thompson driver) and got to try out the hot seat. Louis and Sue from Beany met with Dom and Troy at Malo. Louis and Sue told Troy and Dom about their accounting business and how they have clients all over the world. Troy and Dom told Sue and Louis about all the physical activities they’ve been doing and their plan to start training for a fundraising fun run they want to enter together.

A big thank you to all our sponsors for their support! Find out more about how you can become a Match Sponsor. Contact us today.


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