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Outing Idea - Geocaching

Have you tried Geocaching with your mentee yet? Geocaching is like a giant treasure hunt. There are millions of geocaches hidden around the world, and heaps here in Hawke's Bay.

But... what is a geocache? It's a hidden container of any size. Some are tiny and contain only a piece of paper that you sign, and some are bigger and contain treasures that you can swap. The Geocache is hidden at a particular location and you have to use your mobile device to try and find it. 

The fun thing about Geocaching is that many people don't know it exists, so you have to be a little bit sneaky and try not to be spotted finding one. Sometimes curious passersby (muggles) can notice you investigating something and they return later to discover the Geocache, but not understand what it is used for. This leads to Geocaches becoming 'muggled' or misplaced. 

All you need to play is a mobile phone with data, one of the Geocaching apps (Geocaching on android or apple, or c:geo is another app for android only) and a pen! If you would like to learn more you can visit 

There are a limited amount of 'free' Geocaches around Hawke's Bay, so if you want to go further in your Geocaching adventures, you can sign up for Geocaching Premium for under $10 month-by-month to see if it's something you'd like to do more often.

If our Mentors have any questions about Geocaching or need help problem-solving, please get in contact with Hayley


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