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Directions - Puberty, Resilience, Anxiety Workshop

In August Vanessa and Pare from Directions Youth Health Centre kindly came and delivered a presentation to some of our mentors who have teen or almost teen aged mentees, to help equip them with some useful knowledge, tips and advice on how to be the best support for their mentees during this period of transition.

They covered basics about puberty including the following factors that can affect the wellbeing of our youth:

  • healthy vs unhealthy relationships
  • Identity
  • Self-conscious 
  • Bullying
  • Anxiety
  • Resilience
  • and Emotions
  • Peer pressure

They also provided our mentors with some valuable strategies that they can share with their mentees around these issues.  Feedback from our mentors was positive, they found it very beneficial and said they would recommend it to other mentors.
We thank Directions Youth Health Centre for providing this valuable opportunity to our mentors!


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