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Farewell Patricia

It was with mixed emotions that we farewelled Patricia in December. Patricia was an integral and invaluable member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters team, and was the spark that relaunched the Hawke's Bay branch in 2017. In her six years, she was Mentor Coordinator, Programme Manager and then Sponsorship Manager. We ended 2023 with 32 sponsored matches, all thanks to Patricia's dedication and commitment. We will miss her contributions and wish her the very best. 

A message from Patricia

I have mixed feelings about retiring from Big Brothers Big Sisters on the 20th of December. It gives me a sense of pride when I reflect on how much the organisation has grown since we relaunched in 2017. I am eternally grateful to the amazing team of people who have helped build the BBBS Hawke’s Bay brand.

In the early days, Carl Southwick, from the Police department, and I worked tirelessly together with the Board of Trustees to secure confidence and funding from the local community. After the first year, we were able to recruit people to support me. Over the years I have been blessed to have a great team of people who helped grow BBBS to become a successful organisation. Kath Boyd, who took over as Programme Manager, had excellent marketing skills and was instrumental in raising the profile. Every person in the organisation has specific skills that help to make BBBS what it is today. I will be leaving BBBS knowing it is in good hands, with Hayley Burnett and her team, and the current Board of Trustees.

Throughout my working career, I have worked in many different fields and owned several businesses, but the highlight has been to end my career working with our BBBS families, mentors, sponsors, supporters, and colleagues. BBBS is a unique organisation; it has been a humbling experience to be part of it and I have learnt a lot about kindness and empathy. I feel privileged to have been an integral part of relaunching BBBS and I will take great pleasure in watching the future progress of the organisation.


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