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A Fond Farewell

Alex and Jaezahn smiling as they celebrate their five-year match anniversary at Lick This!

Matches close for a variety of reasons, and there is much to be celebrated. We enjoy meeting up with our mentees and mentors to reflect on personal growth and recap on memories. While we are always sad when a match closes, we are honoured to have had the opportunity to watch friendships develop.

After five years and four months we wish Alex and Jaezahn a fond farewell. Alex is returning to Christchurch to spend time with family and support them through a difficult period of ill health.

Alex moved to Hawke’s Bay from Christchurch over five years ago to practice Family Law. Soon after her arrival, she became a mentor. As their relationship matured, early activities, such as tennis, baking, visiting the beach, and watching movies, changed to hanging-out shopping for clothes and casually discussing life challenges. They became like sisters who confided in each other, and no subject was off limits. 

David (Jaezahn's Grandfather and caregiver) said, "We plan to continue communicating via FaceTime, and Jaezahn is particularly excited at the thought of visiting Alex in Christchurch, outside of the BBBS programme, as she has cousins there who she can visit at the same time. Alex has been a wonderful mentor to Jaezahn, covering topics that are challenging for a grandfather." Alex has been a constant in Jaezahn’s life, he is grateful for everything she has done and they will miss her.

Alex said, “Jaezahn has shown a positive change in her confidence, both in herself, for her future, and in her ability to express her feelings. Mentoring has been rewarding for both of us, and it has enabled me to do things I would not normally do if I didn’t have a mentee. Being a big kid again has been a lot of fun. We have such a solid friendship now and we will always be in each other's lives.”

Jaezahn says, “I have loved just ‘hanging out’ with Alex, and over the years we have done some amazing and fun things together. Alex is cool, nice, fun, dependable and I trust her. I am grateful for the time and support she has given me over the past five years. I will miss her, but I look forward to keeping in contact with her and seeing her in Christchurch, and when Alex comes back to Hawke’s Bay”. 

We are grateful to The Foss Family Trust who sponsored this match. Kristal took a personal interest in Alex and Jaezahn and met with them regularly. In addition to being a mentor, Alex joined the BBBS Board of Trustees and offered legal expertise. Alex has dedicated an extraordinary amount of time to Jaezahn and the BBBS mentoring programme. She will be missed by the board and the BBBS team.

A mentor is a friend, a role model, and someone a young person can talk to in confidence. Alex has fulfilled all the above and gone beyond in the support and guidance she has given Jaezahn.

We wish them both well for their futures.


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